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A fork of Olympus| Are you early enough to invest and win big?

This article isn't going to be explaining what TIME token is. TIME is a fork of Olympus, and if you are interested in learning what TIME is, read my article on Olympus. (Olympus and time operate the same way)

Time was recently released about a month ago. They offer an attractive. 65000% APY yearly which comes down to about 9% every 5 days, (the yearly apy is high because of the automatic compounding). They have already broken a billion-dollar market and have about 70% of their tokens staked. While this isn't much compared to Olympus, TIME may still offer you gains in the short term.

WONDERLAND TIME governance and growth

One thing I did not like is that the voting is not public. Governance is currently controlled by the developers. I personally think the only way TIME will succeed for the long term is if they can either always stay the same as Olympus meaning every upgrade Olympus does they do, or they innovate on their own. I believe Olympus and TIME can co-exist as long as TIME has something to offer. I believe what TIME currently has to offer is cheaper fees and higher returns for the short term. (TIME is built on the Avalanche network)

So are you still early enough to make money? My opinion is yes, which is why I bought $TIME a couple of days ago. TIME occupies a .60% holding in my portfolio and Olympus holds a 7% stake in my portfolio. TIME is a risky investment for me where if it goes big I do well. The reason I like Olympus and hold a lot more of it is that it is the first of its kind, governance is public, stronger community, and I believe they will continue to innovate for the long term.

That's just my opinion, I really hope Wonderland TIME token does well as I look forward to making moolah.

What do you think about Olympus and TIME? Let me know in the responses!


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